Phoenix Zoo

phoenix zooZoos are enjoyable by people of all ages because they enable visitors to travel in their imagination to distant lands. If campers at Desert Shadows RV Resort can’t make it to Africa or the tropical rainforest, they can enjoy a simulation of it right here in town at the Phoenix Zoo.

Visit Monkey Village, where you can watch squirrel monkeys scamper through the trees just inches away from where you’re standing. Another activity option is a ride on the Safari Train. You can also stop at several sections of the zoo and experience an array of close encounters with animals, including feeding giraffes and riding camels, as well as touching stingrays and petting a variety of critters. In addition, the facility has a walking trail for those who desire to make it a part of their daily fitness routine.

During the summer months Phoenix Zoo is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, and the cost of admission is $15 to $20. It may be a good idea to visit very early in the morning to avoid the intense heat of the day. And don’t forget your camera, as you will have some great photo opportunities.

A tour through this animal kingdom will be fun for all. Visit our website and make your reservations at our RV park today.