Heard Museum

heardOne of the primary interests of those who visit our area is to learn about the arts and culture of the American Indians, an important segment that makes up the melting pot of our country, especially the Southwest. Campers at Desert Shadows RV Resort in Phoenix couldn’t find a better destination for learning about this topic than Heard Museum, a facility considered one of the world’s foremost repository of information about this ethnicity.

The museum beautifully portrays this culture through all forms of art, including paintings, sculptures and photography. Moreover, exhibits encompassing everything from ancestral artifacts to contemporary jewelry provide a foundation that enlightens visitors about the history and present-day life of American Indians.

But there is much more. Music and dance performances are held in the amphitheater, and patrons have opportunities for hands-on experiences in making traditional Indian crafts. Also, special events and festivals are held several times a year, which collectively draw more than 40,000 visitors. The Heard Museum’s reputation for excellence is well deserved. Cost of admission ranges from $13.50 to $18 for adults.

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